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Meet the Wasmuth Lagottos

Stella, Truman, Tika & Rayna

Stella is a light brown and white female with loosely curled hair. She was born in Switzerland in December 2012 and brought to Canada in early 2013. Stella loves to fetch and adores having her tummy rubbed.

Truman is a handsome male with chocolate brown ears and large, grey-brown curls covering his body - we call this colour roan. He was born on Vancouver Island in February 2013 and is rarely seen without something to chew on, or a bird to chase.

Tika is a beautiful light chocolate brown female with tightly wound curls. She was born in Sweden and brought to Canada in 2015. Tika is always eager to please; she is very affectionate and loves running in the park. 

Rayna has a white body with brown markings and a brown head. She was born in Kelowna in March 2021 and is the newest addition to our pack. Rayna is very keen to learn new tricks and is especially fond of eating the fruit from our garden. 


Our pack does everything together; from digging holes to playing fetch with pinecones, they are always occupied. They especially love going for nature walks in the trails near our home. At the mention of the 'W' word, their ears prick up and they are ready to go! But, even after the walk, they still have plenty of energy to chase hockey pucks around the yard and butterflies in the garden. During the hot summer months the dogs love to swim and float out on our paddle boards and kayaks. After a good day of swimming, they are happy to lounge in the sun and absorb the warm rays. In the winter they love to bury their noses in the snow and then come inside to lay by the fireplace. 


The Lagotto can be described as playful, energetic and affectionate. This breed is always interested in learning new tricks or practicing old ones, especially if it involves a tasty reward. 

About our Puppies 

There is no doubt that the Lagotto is a hard working dog. They are highly sought after for their intuitiveness, sense of smell and for their caring 

demeanours. Our Wasmuth Lagotto puppies can be found working in care homes, as therapy dogs, as truffle hunters and of course, as great family companions.


We raise our puppies on our beautiful property surrounding our family home in Langley, British Columbia. Our puppies can be found in many cities across the province, from the Lower Mainland to Northern B.C. and out to Vancouver Island. However, B.C. is not the only home to our pups as they have been adopted by families across North America! Our puppies have been adopted by Canadian families in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Québec and the Northwest Territories. Our puppies have also crossed the border and can be found in Boston, Massachusetts. We love to provide the possibility of adoption for families across North America, but please note, we do not ship our puppies. If you are looking to adopt a puppy from us from outside of B.C. we ask that travel arrangements are made for pick up in order to ensure the health and safety of the puppy.  

We always wish the best to our puppies as they go to their new homes and caring families. We also welcome any updates about your Lagotto as they grow and mature with your family. Seeing pictures of your pup in its adult life or out on an adventure can often be the highlight of our day and a great conversation starter for us. 


Please visit our contact page to discover different ways to reach us and to stay updated with our latest puppy news. 

We are currently accepting puppy applications. 

Please contact us for more information.

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