Meet the Wasmuth Lagottos

Stella, Truman & Tika

Stella is a light brown and white female with tightly curled hair. She was born in Switzerland and brought to Canada in 2013. Stella loves to fetch and adores having her tummy rubbed.

Truman is a handsome male with chocolate brown ears and from his shoulders down to his paws he has loose, grey-brown curls. He was born on Vancouver Island and is rarely seen without something to chew on, or a bird to chase.

Finally, Tika is a beautiful chocolate brown female with soft curls. She was born in Sweden and brought to Canada in 2015. Tika is always eager to please, she is very affectionate and loves going for walks in the park. 


This trio does everything together; from digging holes to playing fetch with pinecones, these dogs are always occupied. They especially love to go for nature walks. At the mention of the 'W' word, their ears prick up and they are ready to go! Once they're home, they still have plenty of energy to chase hockey pucks around the yard and butterflies in the garden. During the hot summer months, swimming is another great activity for Truman, Stella and Tika. Wherever there is water, there's a Lagotto. After a swim, they are happy to lounge in the sun and absorb the rays.


These three adventurous dogs could be described as playful, energetic and affectionate. They are always intrigued to learn new tricks and are eager to earn a treat. There is no doubt that the Lagotto makes for a great family companion and a hard working dog.

Puppy Updates


Stella gave birth to her first litter on October 28, 2014. She had six healthy puppies consisting of two girls and four boys. Each of the puppies found a great home.


Stella's second litter was born on June 15, 2015. Small but mighty, this was a litter of two, one boy and one girl. The duo was inseparable during our time with them, but they went to wonderful families.


Litter number three arrived on January 16, 2016. Stella gave birth to four males and one female, for a total of five adorable puppies, each found a very lovely home.



Stella had six beautiful puppies on September 22, 2016. There were three males and three females, each with amazing personalities. 


On November 20, 2017, Stella gave birth to eight strong puppies. We were excited to welcome them to the world and to see them grow. There were four females and four males. 


On May 12, 2018, Tika gave birth to a litter of eight healthy, happy puppies. There were seven males and one adorable female. They all had amazing personalities and we enjoyed watching their rambunctious behaviours as they grew up. 


On December 22, 2018, Tika had another litter of eight beautiful puppies. This time there were four males and four females. There was quite a spread in colours and markings amongst the pups, each one different from the other. 


We always wish the best to our puppies as they go to their new homes and caring families. Keep checking back to find out more or visit our contact page to discover different ways to stay updated. 

We are currently accepting puppy applications. 

Please contact us for more information.

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