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How to Contact Us

We hope you enjoyed learning about our Lagottos and this beautiful breed. If you are interested in applying for a puppy or have any questions, please feel free to contact using any of the addresses listed below. 

We are currently accepting puppy applications for Spring 2022.





Wasmuth Family Lagottos 

Thank you! We will contact you shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What do you feed your puppies?

We use the Kirkland brand Nature's Domain dog food from Costco in the blue bag. 

What kind of treats should I buy?

Look for treats that are fairly small or something that is easy to break into small pieces. Treats to dogs are the equivalent of candy to children. Too many is not good, nor healthy, and you want to use them in moderation. Your dog should not be getting a full meal's worth of treats in a day, rather reward them when they do something well.

Do you send a blanket or toy home with the puppy?

Yes, in fact we send a care package home with every pup. This includes a piece of the litter blanket, treats, roughly one cup of kibble and their bill of health from the vet.

Are the puppies vet checked?

Yes, we take the puppies to the vet when they are 8 weeks old. They are given their first shots and they are implanted with microchips. We also deworm the puppies in the week following the vet check up.

What is a microchip? Can it be transferred to my name?

A microchip is a device and means of identification for the dog that links the dog to the breeder or owner. It is implanted in the tissue between the dog's shoulder blades during their visit vet visit. In the case that the dog is lost, a shelter or vet can scan the dog and retrieve the necessary contact information to get the pet back to its family. Our dogs are registered under our name and can be transferred to your name through at a cost to you of $20.00 CAD.  

How often do you groom your dogs? 

Grooming is entirely up to personal preference. We have found that a shorter coat is more manageable as it is easily to dry the dogs on rainy days, and we also like the more athletic, sporting look. In order to maintain our preferred length, we tend to groom the dogs every three months. Brushing should be maintained regularly and is strongly encouraged for puppies so that they can grow accustomed to grooming tools. We do all the grooming ourselves and bathe our dogs more often than we give them haircuts. We use Burt’s Bees oatmeal dog shampoo with colloidal oat flour and honey.

our whereabouts

We are a family from Langley, British Columbia.

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